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At our learning center, we're here to help pay for your child's education. With the support of local residents and small businesses, many students can get a great deal on their schooling with us!.

Let the Learning Center help you find ways to pay for your child's education! We're here to provide scholarship assistance and offer other flexible support options. Additionally, with donations from our local community, we can make sure that many students have access to great education with us!

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A Better Day Therapy Learning Center

Tuition Cost & Service Fees

A great education is the ultimate gift a parent can give to a child, and we are committed to helping provide exceptional students with the opportunities A Better Day Therapy Center education offers.


ABA Therapy

$Varies /month

Covered By Insurance

One-to-one Therapy

Social Skills

Positive Reinforcement

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Early Intervention

$ Varies /month

Covered By Insurance

Low Copayments

Increased Learning Skills

Positive Reinforcement

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$ 14,532 /2021-2022

Subsidized with Grants

Expert Teachers

Personalized Education

Scholarship Assistance

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Here are answers to your questions...

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Qualifications of Teachers?

All of our head teachers are experienced in Early Childhood Education and are certified in Special Education. Our Educators may have a degree in Early Childhood Education or in a different field such as Elementary Educaiton, Psychology, or Applied Behavioral Analysis.

Is There a Sibling Discount?

Yes. Families with three or more children enrolled will receive a 10% reduction in tuition beginning with the third child.

Other than Tuition, are there other fees?

Yes. Enrollment fees will be due upon enrollment. Services available to students in PK-5 such as ABA Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech & Language Therapy, After School Care, Tutoring, and After School Activities incur additional fees. There is also a Graduation Fee for 5th Grade students in their final year at the center. For detailed information regarding fees, please contact our front office.

What does the Tuition Cover?

Tuition includes books, digital software licenses, tablets, computer use, educational materials, uniform shirts (3), and lunch (all students except for half-day preschoolers).

Is there a payment schedule?

Tuition is due in ten equal installments payable beginning on June 1 and ending on March 1. Tuition paid in full in advance can receive a 10% discount of the remaining balance.

Who can Apply for Grants & Scholarships?

The McKay is a scholarship for Florida public school students with a documented disability and either an IEP or 504 plan who were enrolled in a Florida public school the year prior and are at least 5 years of age by September 1st of the upcoming school year. The Gardiner is a scholarship for children that are 3 years old through 12th grade, who are eligible for enrollment in a public school but are not enrolled and have a defined disability diagnosed by a licensed physician or psychologist.

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