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Sensory Friendly Halloween | For Children with Special Needs

Halloween events can sometimes be scary for kids with learning disabilities.

We are hosting a kid and sensory-friendly Halloween event! Come to our fun, safe, and not-too-spooky Halloween event where your family can dress up in your favorite costumes without the fear of jump scares, harsh lighting, or tears!

Our event will have plenty of activities that cater to children with special needs so they don’t feel left out when their friends go trick-or-treating. This is an inclusive environment where all kids (and parents) are welcome!

When: October 30th, 2021 | Saturday 3-6pm

Director: A Better Day Therapy Learning Center

Cost: $5.00 per child

Categories: Halloween, Activities


A perfect place for children to have fun and adults as well! Activities are geared toward children with Autism and visitors will enjoy the decorations, activities, music, and more! Families can look forward to:

  • A safe environment where your child can enjoy Halloween
  • Appropriate for families with children diagnosed with learning disabilities
  • Emphasis on sensory sensitivity and accommodations
  • Help your children feel included in events with family and friends