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Early Intervention
Therapy For Autism

Learning about your child’s diagnosis can feel overwhelming. Our Early Intervention Program can help children diagnosed with Autism or similar learning disabilities to develop early learning skills that will prepare them for their academic future.

Early Intervention for children with learning disabilities is a program designed to assist children starting at age two with strategies to help them gain their independence and excel academically.

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What is Early Intervention for Autism?

Early Intervention Helps Teach Important Skills

One of the best things you can do to help your child with autism is by getting them early intervention. This helps children learn important skills and behaviors such as reading, writing, math, and social interaction.

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Life Skills

As a child diagnosed with developmental delays, it is a struggle to be independent in the classroom and at home. Our Learning Center is there for our youngest learners who need help mastering life skills.

Social Skills

Children on the Autism spectrum may struggle with socializing and being around their peers. The Learning Center helps children to feel comfortable with their peers which lead to friendships that last a lifetime.


Art promotes a whole range of developmental advantages in many different areas that can make it easier for children with autism to learn, communicate, interact socially and develop.


We help students to find new inspiration as well as tools so that your child will have more fulfilling experiences in social interactions with the help of their teachers.


We provide therapeutic services to reduce stress, increase motivation, and improve communication skills for children diagnosed with autism or similar learning disabilities.


We understand how difficult it can be to help children diagnosed with autism learn math. With our team’s expertise in special education, you don't have to worry about one of the most important subjects in a child's education!


Teaching children with autism to read and write can be challenging. Our special education teachers have the expertise and training in working with kids diagnosed with a learning disability.


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