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ABA Therapy Services

A Better Day Learning Center provides Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy including but not limited to Discrete Trial and Verbal Behavior Therapies, Behavior Modification, and Parent, Caregiver and sibling training, for those in the community who are unable to pay for therapy either privately, by insurance or government assistance.

Behavior Analysis Therapy

Our primary focus is assisting consumers with developmental delays who exhibit behavioral challenges. These behavioral challenges may hinder the individual’s ability to learn in a conventional environment. By using proven Behavioral techniques, we reduce the challenging behaviors and replace them with a learned skill. (i.e. social skills or communication skills)

Discrete Trials and Verbal Behavior Training

With Discrete Trials and Verbal Behavior Therapy, Skills are broken down into the smallest tasks and taught individually. Discrete, or separate, trials may be used to teach eye contact, imitation, fine motor skills, self-help, academics, language, and conversation. Students start with learning small skills, and gradually learn more complicated skills as each smaller one is mastered. We work intensively with the individual and his family and caregivers in order for them to reach their highest level of success.

Behavior Assistant/Verbal Behavior Technician

One-to-one service which provides direct training to the individual as well as the parents, siblings, and caregivers. They will work in both the center and the home setting to ensure that the skills learned are demonstrated in all areas of daily life.